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TronixPro Axia Monofilament - Brown

TronixPro Axia Monofilament - Brown

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A multi-discipline line developed to share many of the characteristics of more expensive line at a sensible price. Axia Mainline is a tough, abrasion-resistant line that is perfect for all manner of fishing situations from beach and rock fishing to river and still water fishing. This is the ideal line for filling up multiple reels and spools in a cost-effective manner. It has a high knot strength so anglers can be assured the line won’t let them down at the crucial moment. Developed to be a low memory line, it sails off the reel spool with ease, coupled with its low stretch, this is a fantastic casting line. This low stretch also helps to promote bite indication, whatever discipline. A low friction coating adds to its casting pedigree, helping the line slip through the rod rings with minimal effort.

0.20mm, 4lb, 2730m
0.23mm, 6lb, 2184m
0.26mm, 8lb, 1820m
0.30mm, 10lb, 1274m
0.32mm, 12lb, 1157m
0.35mm, 15lb, 1005m
0.38mm, 18lb, 960m
0.40mm, 20lb, 770m
0.45mm, 25lb, 610m

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