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TronixPro Axia 1 Rod Tripod 1.80m

TronixPro Axia 1 Rod Tripod 1.80m

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  • Built around the concept of a sand spike but with legs, this tripod is designed for just the one rod.
  • The rod holder is formed to eliminate bounce outs to make sure the rod is held securely regardless of the weather or the bite! It also features a hole for a light stick so that you can easily find your tripod when wading back in the dark.
  • The butt cup is fully adjustable and can be moved up and down the central sand spike to get the rod in the perfect position.
  • The central leg can be used to adjust the height of the rod rest simply by moving it backwards or forwards until the desired high is reached. At six feet, the rod rest is more than ample for most rods and is made from lightweight aluminium.

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