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Salmo Jointed Floating Pike Crankbait

Salmo Jointed Floating Pike Crankbait

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It is common knowledge that pike are vicious cannibals and for many years lure manufacturers and fishermen alike have exploited this fact without mercy.

Our Salmo PIKE crankbait is unmatched by any other lure, both in terms of a perfect pike colour pattern and a specific action that has proved to be too much to handle for many toothy trophies that have fallen victim to its charm. Available in solid and jointed options.

Product Options             Weight         Diving Depth
11cm Jointed Floater   13g 2/4oz   0,5/1,0m - 1,5/3,5ft
13cm Jointed Floater   21g 3/4oz   1,2/2,0m - 4/6,5ft

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