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Salmo Executor Shallow Runner

Salmo Executor Shallow Runner

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The Salmo EXECUTOR is a treat for the traditionalist lure angler.

The proven shape and flawless tail-side action are two traits that should convince anyone to try the EXECUTOR. The Shallow Runner can be fished close to the surface when used with a pulse type retrieve, or trolled at various speeds to cover the first few metres of depth where predators are often waiting to strike.

With four different sizes available, this range of lures covers all species, from perch to pike!

Product Options             Weight            Diving Depth
5cm Shallow Runner    5g 3/16oz     0,6/1,2m - 1,5/4ft
7cm Shallow Runner    8g 1/4oz      1,0/2,0m - 3,5/6,5ft
9cm Shallow Runner   14,5g 2/4oz    1,5/3,0m - 5/10ft

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