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Korda PTFE Spinner Swivels Size 11

Korda PTFE Spinner Swivels Size 11

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Korda swivels get the PTFE treatment… but what does that mean?

They have selected a concise range of our ring swivel range to coat with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) to give them “enhanced rotation”.

The NEW PTFE coated range is focused on reducing the amount of resistance created for those of you using helicopter rigs. Movement up and down the leader is paramount to avoid tangles and this coating process creates a surface that acts as if it is “slippery” with very little resistance.

In scientific terms the PTFE coating is a synthetic polymer which has one of the lowest coefficients of friction of any solid. This makes it the perfect for our swivels as it reduces friction between the barrel and swivel eye, allowing them to rotate freely which also reduces tangles.

The PTFE RING SWIVELS will be added to our range of end tackle and will not replace our existing RING SWIVEL selection.

In addition, we have added a PTFE SPINNER RING SWIVEL to the range, the enhanced rotation from these will improve the hooking efficiency of your Spinner Rig… increasing the rig mechanics to perform at their optimum level.

Finally, we are happy to introduce our brand-new PTFE Size 11 Double Ring Swivels. A new swivel across the entire range that features an extra ring on the Size 11 Double Ring Swivel. This addition helps to provide maximum flexibility when using a helicopter set up, once again the movement helping to reduce tangles.

PTFE Coated Spinner Swivel

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