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Korda Goo Bait Additives

Korda Goo Bait Additives

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Goo Bait Additives.

Designed to enhance the attraction of hookbaits, bag stick and method mixes. Simply add straight from the bottle onto your chosen bait.

Goo comes in a choice of smoke intensities. Generally, use lower intensity Bait Smoke for clear water and adding directly to bait. Power Smoke is amazing on well stocked, busy venues. Experiment with different intensities for best results.

Top Tip, Absolutely deadly for spodding over zigs - add a squirt directly into the spod. As used to amazing effect by Team Korda.

Perfect soak for bottom baits or pop ups. Uses the same secret formula thats won the World Carp Fishing Championship 4 times.

- PVA friendly.
- Shake well before use.

Available in a wide range of flavours.
Each sold separately.

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