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Korda Fake Food Slow Sinking Dumbells

Korda Fake Food Slow Sinking Dumbells

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Slow Sinking Dumbells

Available in a variety of sizes and flavours, each sold separately.

White Banoffee, Pink Fruity Squid, Fishy Fish & Yellow IB.

This is a classic combination that Team Korda has used successfully all over Europe.

Fake Food really is Danny Fairbras's baby, as he uses it such a lot for his fishing. It has taken him a lot of effort, research, design and exhaustive testing to get it just right, but we think that its been worth it.

A bespoke range of plastic hook baits that cover almost any angling situation, Worldwide. These baits are different from anything else currently on the market because they contain Korda favourite flavour/attractor combinations arrived at after years of making pop-ups, actually moulded into the plastic. These flavour combinations are as follows...

Available as follows:

Flavours: Yellow IB, Pink Fruity Squid, White Banoffee & Fishy Fish.
Sizes: 8mm, 12mm & 16mm.

All products come with free hair stops that pull up inside the bait so the hair cannot be seen from above, a trick taken from some of the best plastic users in the country.

This is a small but deadly range that will soon dominate the plastic baits scene.

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