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Korda Compac Kamo

Korda Compac Kamo

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Lightweight Tackle Storage System

The Korda Compac Luggage System provides a neat and water resistant storage solution for terminal tackle and other angling essentials.

Made from high quality EVA fabric, it is strong, durable and extremely light, helping you to stay organised and mobile on the bank.

The Compac 100 is ideal for use as a lead pouch and is perfect size to accommodate the small Compac Wallet.

The Compact 125 is the perfect size t accommodate the medium Compac Wallet along with other small tackle items.

The Compact 140 is the perfect size to accommodate the large Compac Wallet and Korda Tackle Safe.

The Compact 200 is the perfect size to store larger tackle items such as marker floats and spools.

The Compac 110 is the perfect size to store Kamakura hook boxes and Korda square hooklink spools.

The Compac 220 is the perfect size to accommodate the Korda Tackle Box, which will sit neatly on top of other assorted items.

- Water Resistant
- Lightweight & Versatile
- Strong & Durable
- Internal Pocket
- Easy Clean

Please note: Korda Compac Luggage comes in a variety of options, each sold separately.

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