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Ian Golds Igloo Mk2 Blue

Ian Golds Igloo Mk2 Blue

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The new Igloo Beach Shelter from Ian Golds Tackle. Can be erected in seconds on most surfaces. Adjustable height depending on how far the legs are spread. Rolls up straight and is big enough for two anglers and all their gear! Lays flat on the ground before erecting making it easy to put up even in strong winds.

Strong, sturdy construction.
Easy to use on virtually any surface.
Erected in seconds, even in high winds
Loads of room, enough for two or more.
Adjustable height, it is even possible to stand up inside!
Velcro straps to secure extra rods while fishing.
Rolls up flat, no curved legs.

Dimensions (approx.)
Main legs: 7ft (2.3m)
Back Spine: 6ft (1.8m)
Roof Spine: 3ft (0.9m)
Weight: 8.5lbs (4kg)

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