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Guru X-Change Distance Feeder - Cage Body

Guru X-Change Distance Feeder - Cage Body

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X-Change Distance Feeder

Version: Cage Body

Available in a variety of options, all sold separately.

Introducing X-Change Distance Feeders…

The X-Change Distance Feeders complement the already strong rage of feeders in our stable. This X-Change Feeder offers ultimate versatility, and meets all international CIPS rules, meaning it can be used in all World Championship and international matches. The whole team at Guru has come together in the development of these, including the expertise of current and ex-England Internationals, Steve Ringer and Adam Rooney, who have tested the range for nearly two years to tweak and perfect it. No stone has been left unturned in terms of the components, features and performance of these weapons!

The range covers a very wide range of feeder fishing on an array of venues, including lakes, rivers, large canals, loughs and open-water commercials. There are three sizes of feeder in Cage and Open End versions - Small, Medium and Large.

Available in the range are small, medium and large feeders, in both Cage and Open-End versions. The Cage Feeders are ideal for shallower venues, or waters where you’re looking for a fast release of the feed. Open-End Feeders come into play if you want to hold feed in the feeder for longer, such as when tackling deep waters. These are ideal for cramming full of fine particles too, like finely chopped worms, taking them accurately to the bottom in a small area where you need them. The two sizes of Bait-Up feeder enable anglers to feed their swim at the start of a session, without putting too much pressure on a standard rod setup.

The feeders come in packs of two: 20g and 30g in a pack for each size of feeder, and 40g and 50g in a pack for each size of feeder. Weights are also available separately, in packs of Light Weights and Heavy Weights. Light Weight packs consist of two 20g weights and two 30g weights. Heavy Weight packs consist of two 40g weights and two 50g weights. The Bait-Up Feeders come in Medium 20g and Large 30g sizes, and a pack consists of both size feeders each with a different weight that will interchange with each other.

Please note that all product options are sold separately and images are provided for illustration purposes only.

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