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Gardner Kinetic Sinking Shock Leader

Gardner Kinetic Sinking Shock Leader

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Kinetic Sinking Shock Leader is a specialist fast sinking, super strong braided line that has been developed for use as a shock leader when extreme range fishing and baiting.

It has a superb flecked muddy brown colour that is a great match to most lake beds. By using a mixture of Dyneema and Fluorocarbon fibres we have created a braid that offers immense strength as well as the weight to settle down flush to the lake bed.

Braided shock leaders ensure optimum casting performance as the lack of stretch essentially means that all the casting force is transferred through the rod to the lead.

Kinetic Sinking Shock Leader features:

  • Smooth finish, round profile and a tight weave.
  • High knot strength and abrasion resistance.
  • Colour: Flecked Muddy Brown.
  • Supplied on 50m spools.

*We recommend that you always use a strong shock leader with specialist low diameter braided main lines, like Kinetic Distance Braid.

For the strongest possible knots we recommend using a specialist braid knot like the Biminis Twist loop on the Kinetic Distance Braid (or similar low diameter braided mainline) as the base to the knot – using the doubled section of loop to tie your favourite leader knot.

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