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Gardner Fluoro Plus

Gardner Fluoro Plus

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Fluoro Plus+

Fluoro Plus is a hi-tech Fluorocarbon and monofilament line treatment that has been specially developed to clean and condition both copolymer and Fluorocarbon monofilament mainlines.

The formula can potentially benefit the longevity of most lines as it reduces the wear and tear it suffers by lubricating the line so friction created by passing over the spool of your reel and through the rods rings is minimised. A major advantage of this treatment is that it also increases casting range as the line flows more smoothly with less friction as the lead travels out towards the horizon.

If youre a fan of Fluorocarbon, using its ultra fast sinking properties to hide your line away from the fish youre targeting then Fluoro Plus will be a really useful. Fluoro Plus will soften and condition Fluorocarbon lines slightly, so as well as reducing friction it can help you cast smoother and potentially further, with this type of popular specialist line.

For Fluorocarbon users an additional benefit of this treatment is that it helps to repel the build up of algae and suspended particles on the Fluorocarbon - something that normally makes static PVDF lines extremely visible mid water after a short period of time. Anyone that uses it regularly will know that Fluorocarbon quickly becomes wrapped in these particles so anything to slow this build up has got to be of enormous benefit.

Fluoro Plus is really easy to use:

- You can either apply a few drops direct onto the line on your reel spool. Once this has been done the special Fluoro Plus solution's creeping action will naturally impregnate and spread across the line on the spool; an action that is naturally aided by casting out and reeling in, spreading the treatment and coating all the line in use.
- Alternatively, you can treat your line at the end of your session by squirting Fluoro Plus onto a piece of sponge or soft cloth and then reeling through it. By doing this you will also clean any particulate build up from line as well as applying a nice even coating of the treatment. Job done.
- Fluoro Plus is a totally odourless, non-toxic liquid that is environmentally safe.

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