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Gardner Covert C-Lok Swivels Size 12

Gardner Covert C-Lok Swivels Size 12

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Covert C-Lok Flexi-Ring Swivels are a versatile quick change component that can be incorporated into almost any lead arrangement or used in conjunction with quick change hook rigs.

By using a C-Lok Swivel to mount the hook (on rigs like the German) the hook is free to twist and turn quicker. That means the rig and hook reacts faster and does its job better! The C-Lok Swivel will fit most hooks sized 6 and larger.

We recommend sleeving the C shaped crook with a piece of shrink tube to ensure that the hook is held securely in place.

When you’re using the C-Lok Swivel on a lead clip arrangement (they fit the Target Lead Clips perfectly) we recommend that you sleeve the crook with either a Covert Anti Tangle Sleeve or a Covert Mini Anti Tangle. For a nice tidy, tangle free presentation we suggest that you use the longer original Covert Anti Tangle Sleeve with a long or supple hooklinks and the ‘Mini’ version with short or stiff hooklinks.

  • C-Lok Swivels offer a totally reliable quick change connection.
  • Extra strong and smooth spinning.
  • Hooks and rigs can easily be added/removed.
  • Anti-Glare black finish reduces visibility under water.
  • 10 per packet.

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