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Fox Rage Slick Stick SSR Floating 9cm Nightmare

Fox Rage Slick Stick SSR Floating 9cm Nightmare

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Slick Stick SR / SSR

The Slick Stick is the spitting image of a bleak or smelt and this exactly what we intended as these are the most preferred prey fish of trout, asp, perch and zander.

The Slick Stick is available in two sizes and versions. In 60 mm for trout, perch, chub, asp and ide with the 90 mm version ideal for zander, big perch, asp, sea trout and sea bass. The two versions comprise a slow-sinking suspended version (SR) and a floating (DR) version with a special ice-cream-spoon-shaped lip that enables fast dives to greater depths. These crankbaits have a special canal in the body cavity that enables particularly accurate long range casting. In addition, the steel balls of the DR version are placed in such way that the back part of the bait floats when you slacken the line - helping to free it when snagged.

The Slick Stick is a perfect trolling lure for zander and its action in either stillwater or rivers is such that it tracks perfectly without breaking through the surface.

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