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Black Cat Real Worm Teaser

Black Cat Real Worm Teaser

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The secret weapon for active catfish angling. The Real Worm Teaser has been developed by Stefan Seuß and comprises a special, extremely elastic yet highly durable rubber mixture with a lead inner core. The individual tentacles move alluringly in the current and, when the teaser is twitched via the rod tip, the entire teaser begins to pulsate like a big bunch of worms. The rubber tentacles can also be sprayed with Black Cat Flavour Spray. The Real Worm Teaser is particularly suited to active fishing with a catfish clonk and vertical fishing directly beneath the boat.

ATTRACTIVE AND ENTICING: When twitched, the Real Worm Teaser acts just like a real bunch of worms beneath the surface

DURABLE AND ELASTIC: The special rubber mixture is highly elastic and ensures a high degree of robustness, even when a catfish attacks the teaser directly

ATTRACTIVE AND FLEXIBLE: The movement of the tentacles beneath the surface is irresistible to catfish while the rubber mixture can also be moistened with attractant

Hook Sizes 2/0 5/0

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