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Abu Garcia Salty Stage Concept-Free

Abu Garcia Salty Stage Concept-Free

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Aluminum frame, spool diameter ?33mm, 2-position single handle, 95mm double handle, also supplied with a shallow pool. The ultimate freestyle model that can be used from shallow areas to deep areas.

Dura metal frame
The aluminum frame is designed to be extreme while focusing on weight reduction without reducing strength. Material setting considering tough use in salt.

High durability dura gear brass gear & high strength brass gear shaft
In order to cope with big fish, a high-strength brass gear shaft is used for the drive shaft of the high-strength brass gear. Setting that assumes forcible power winding.

F-mode brake system
6 centrifugal brakes have springs. A spring mechanism that applies brakes in case of emergency, such as underhand pitching of jigs and tyresas, can be installed, allowing quick falling without braking during falling.

Backup ratchet
Handle well the roots of the one-way bearing, it is used in combination backup ratchet ratchet by and just in case of big.

Backup ratchet
Handle well the roots of the one-way bearing, it is used in combination backup ratchet ratchet by and just in case of big.

Carbon matrix drag & drag clicker
Abu Garcia's original carbon matrix drag washer enables smoother performance over a wide range and higher drag force.
By introducing a clicker, it is possible to grasp the speed drawn from the drag and communicate with awareness of the line break.

Super duralumin ?33mm deep spool
In consideration of various line uses, the standard line for the lower volume of 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 of the thread winding amount was machined on the side of the spool. It is easy to examine the guideline of the lower volume. It is possible to just fit a suitable line capacity, and it is possible to take full advantage of the maximum spool diameter. PE1.5 -200m, which is the best for Tachiuou, is just fit. In addition, the line capacity of PE1-300m that can be used in deep tie rubber.

Replacement Super Duralumin ?33mm Shaloth Pool
Spare spool is PE1-200m line capacity. It can be used for Tyrraba in the shallow area in spring, squid metal in summer, and all seasons.

Recessed reel foot
The split reel foot pushes the spool downwards to enable further low-pro production. Height from the foot is about 40mm. Provides comfortable palming performance.

Big round EVA knob & 60-70mm 2-position handle arm
Power handle. It is possible to wind up a heavy jig comfortably. 2-position single handle arm allows 60mm and 70mm lengths to be set as desired (casting is not possible in this state)

Middle round EVA knob & 95mm length 4mm thickness crank handle arm
Round type EVA knob is attached to the crank handle that uses the optional 95mm long 4mm thick aluminum. By exchanging with the attached tool, it is possible to deal with Tyllaba, Sutte, and casting games.

Super Free HPCR-BB
Miniaturization of ball bearings is a means to reduce resistance, but weakens against load. Abu Garcia reviewed the design of the bearing ball raceway and succeeded in developing a conventional ball bearing with low rotational resistance. Improved low ballistic pitching and long throw performance.

Salt Shield TM pinion bearing
By adopting a newly developed ball bearing with a water-repellent coating applied to the entire interior and exterior, the saltiness phenomenon that causes rotational noise is drastically reduced.
We have succeeded in greatly improving the rotating feel and durability. It is used in the pinion gear part, where the salt crystals are most likely to remain on the double-axis reel.

Mechanical brake with line memory
With this reel that can target a variety of targets, you tend to forget the thickness of the thread. By setting the line memory, you can remember the strategy of the day and pay with confidence at the next fishing trip.

Product features
Own weight 220g
F-mode brake
Dura metal frame
Forged aluminum 33mm spool diameter
Equipped with carbon matrix drag
60-70mm handle
Big round EVA knob
Gear ratio 6.4
Line capacity: PE1.5-200m
Brass gear installed
Dura Clutch
Backup ratchet
4/1 bearing
Salt shield pinion BB
Super Free HPCR BB
Spare handle 95mm + tool
Spare spool PE1 -200m

Bearing 5
Gear Ratio 6.4:1
Retrieve Per Turn 26in - 66cm
Max Drag 15.4lb - 7kg
Weight 7.8oz - 220g

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