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TronixPro Blaze CXIII 4.2m 100-250g

TronixPro Blaze CXIII 4.2m 100-250g

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Key Features

4.2m in length, casting 100 - 250g.
Powerful blank with tubular tip for casting bigger weights and baits, perfect when fishing in big seas, fast running tides and in rough ground.
Designed for fixed spool reels.
Comes fitted with Fuji Alconite KWAG Guides with CC frames and a Fuji DPS reel seat. Built using 30T Japanese Carbon from Mitsubishi.
Comes with rod bag.

Based on the Blaze CXII, this rod features the same powerful distance casting blank but utilises a tubular tip for even more power. Although not as sensitive as the hybrid tip model, the Blaze CXIII has been designed for casting heavier weights and bigger baits to ultra-distance. It is also the right tool for the job when fishing in big seas, fast running tides and amongst rough ground. An excellent rod when targeting bigger species such as huss, rays and smoothhound. Although this rod features a stiffer tubular tip, it still retains the sensitivity to register bites at distance and maintains its rigidity when faced with high winds and a pounding surf. When there is a need to punch that big crab or squid bait out to distance, this is the rod to use. The blank is made from the same 30T Japanese Carbon as the CXII, making it a strong but lightweight rod to handle. It is rung throughout with Fuji KWAG guides and comes fitted with a Fuji DPS reel seat.

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