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Fjuka 2in1 or Neeonz Hooks & Feed

Fjuka 2in1 or Neeonz Hooks & Feed

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It’s time to say goodbye to bait drills, needles, bands and spikes. Fjuka 2in1 Bait is the revolution anglers have been waiting for – a super-attractive feed that’s ALSO a perfect hookbait. It’s the greatest fishing innovation since the maggot!
Thousands of anglers have already discovered; there’s no manufactured bait that hooks & attracts more effectively than Fjuka.

2 IN 1
Super-attractive feed pellets that are also the perfect hookbait
Hook directly with total hook-hold – no need for drills or bands
Fjuka’s Unique Flexible Formula: forms maggots, bread or corn
Pulling power of Sensate™ Micro-nutrients for instant action
Over 1,000, 5mm pellets in each 195g bag
The Perfect Instant-action Feed: all Fjuka bait is powered by Sensate™ Micro-nutrient Attractants; giving off 3000X the available flavour and taste of ordinary oil based attractants.

Catches on lakes, rivers and canals: incredibly flexible and simple to use – beginners just hook and go with no soaking or other prep needed, while experienced anglers find it an irreplaceable part of their armoury.

Excellent Catch Rates: tested by thousands of anglers and proven a match-winning bait, Fjuka 2in1 is irresistible to river fish, silvers and specimens including carp, bream, grayling, barbel, rudd, tench, trout, F1s and crucians.

Super long-lasting: there are over 1000 pellets in each bag and once opened Fjuka will stay soft for up to 12 months. (Keep pellets in a sealed bag or container - will dry hard if packaging isn't re-sealed).

Only Human food grade ingredients: Fjuka 2in1 is made only from high quality ingredients. There are no plastics, gums, waxes or resins; it's just healthy, nutritious food that fish love (wheat and maize, seed and vegetable extracts, sugars and vegetable protein derivatives).

The only fluoro soft hooker that hooks directly
No need for drills, spikes, bands or any other prep
Ultimate stand out: 4 neon-saturated colours
Can be molded to form any size hookbait
Unique Flexible Formula; adapt to catch any size or species
Boosted with additional Sensate™ Micro-nutrients
Over 150, 7mm soft hookbaits per tube
Fjuka Neeonz have all the benefits of Fjuka's Unique Flexible Formula with added attractants and fluoro pigments. Excellent underwater visibility catches the eye of your target species on lakes, rivers and canals. In addition, Fjuka Neeonz are boosted with added Sensate™ Micro-nutrient attractants. The ingenious combination of super-stimulating colours, and a powerful taste trail, give excellent catch rates in even the coldest, murkiest fishing conditions.

Usage: Because of Fjuka’s Unique Flexible Formula, Fjuka Neeonz can be molded to imitate maggots, corn, worms, bread – anything you like, or simply combined to produce bigger, brighter baits. They can also be used to give added visual and taste attraction to boilies and lures.

Species: Unlike most hookbait, Fjuka Neeonz taste good. And all 4 fluoro colours have been proven to catch river fish, silvers and specimens including carp, bream, grayling, barbel, rudd, tench, trout, F1s and crucians.

Storage: Fjuka Neeonz come in a handy, re-useable tube. Once opened they will stay soft for up to 12 months when kept in a sealed tube or container. NB they will dry hard if left out in the sun or if packaging isn't re-sealed.

A Clean Bait: Fjuka Neeonz unique texture is made entirely from responsibly sourced ingredients approved for the human food chain with an additional fluoro pigment. There are no plastics, no gums, no waxes or resins.

Ingredients: Wheat and maize products, seed and vegetable extracts, fish oils, sugars, protein derivatives, permitted flavours, sweeteners, taste enhancers, colourants.

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